About Me

my name is zaf.

i primarily wear sweet and gothic lolita. my personal style combines the elegant simplicity of the oldschool era with the cute and child-like flair of late 00s-early 10s sweet lolita.

my favourite motifs are flowers, crosses, crowns, angels and mermaids. my favourite fabric is velveteen.

i bought my first lolita dress in 2016, but didn't properly start wearing lolita until 2019. i discovered lolita fashion in 2012, through a YouTube video of Princess Peachie playing a My Little Pony game. amazing.

--personal info--
names: zaf, aeon, fera
gender: female
pronouns: she/her
sexuality: asexual
birthday: 12 july
age: 17
personality type: istp-t

--lolita info--
favourite brands: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose (in descending order)
favourite owned pieces: BABY Angel Grosgrain skirt in ivory, BABY Roseria OP in pink
favourite colours: pink, black and white

books: kamikaze girls (takemoto), JTHM director's cut (vasquez), man economy and the state (rothbard)
music: bad religion, kmfdm, malice mizer, death grips, hole, poppy, goresh*t, crass, grimes, miley cyrus, the doors, the devil makes three, BONES, more
films: american psycho (2000), chinatown (1974), the shining (1980), the truman show (1998), forrest gump (1994)
favourite actors: jack nicholson and winona ryder
characters i relate to: twilight sparkle (before she became a princess tho ¬_¬) & momoko ryugasaki - not even because she's a lolita, she's genuinely just me
artists/designers: yoshitomo nara, shintaro kago, naoto ohshima